Tuesday, October 28, 2008


THEY NEVER ... NEVER ... Said my name... no no... I'm fine ... really... maybe JUST MAYBE that's how adults are fucked up today... cause you sat there waiting for your name and neeeeever got called... I bet Lee Harvey Oswald never got called... Mhm... I wouldn't doubt it ...

No. I'm not bitter. ... Reginald.... You can call REGINALD? AND NOT ALEX??? ... Yeah OK....

Nope Nope... I'm juuuust fine.....

I watched this when I was 5

It was on again ... say it with me... *Only in the Tri-state area*

I loved this... I know you won't get it.... I just had to post it... part of my childhood.


IF YOU GREW UP WATCHIN THIS!!! I LOOOVED THIS SHOW... and little trivia Morgan Freeman's first job ...

And this one...

I'd like to reserve the room with the Champagne glass jacuzzi please.

I'm Jerk.

Ask me why?

Cause I called the number LOL.....

Honestly... tell me you don't remember this commercial. It was on every day between The Milford Plaza commercial and APEX TECH which was a techincal school in Manhattan... (again you'd have to live in the tri-state area) Generally played in between these Gems:

and or this:

I HATED Rubin Kincaid... Hated him... and I'm confessing here. I'm 32 and I'm still in Love with Keith Partridge.

If You Lived

In the tri-state area in the 80's you'll remember this. I'm not kidding... they still show the same commercial and I'm pretty sure the same chicks still work the front desk only they look like this ...

This Fucks Me Up ha ha

Friday, October 24, 2008

Why waste good time fighting the people you like who will fall defending your name?

Maybe I've forgotten

The name and address.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I wish she'd eat and stop doing drugs. She's so talented

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Goodbye Dani

Another side of myself. Pretty and still fuck you up. She's my Idol. Cause she just doesn't care and why should she? Everyone is so fucked up and only looks outside of their own windows and their house's are a shit hole. AT LEAST she doesn't hide it. Call her what you want. She says and does what you're afraid to.

Cause I can fuck you up in a tutu.

She's fucked up? Well who the fuck isn't?
She Rocks.

The People that Work during the day

and can read it small....

Too much too lose

Dare You Expose Yourself

Somehow, I always find myself sentenced alone.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why Not?

Start with Marla. I love her.

Let's make Marla my first

An Addition.

A Place for my Music.

For things I like.